Adoption Scams

Adoption scams represents a highly emotional journey for both the adopting family and the birth family. While it occurs for various valid reasons, the ultimate outcome is generally positive. However, the beauty of the adoption process has been marred by the presence of scammers who exploit this industry. 

Although adoption scam are not as widespread, it is crucial to be cautious and take preventive measures to avoid falling victim to these deceitful practices. If you find this information valuable, consider sharing it with others who are interested in adoption to protect them from potential scams. 

Continue reading to learn more about adoption scam and how to steer clear of them. We encourage you to read the Adoption Scam article for further insights into their deceptive tactics.

Adoption Scams​

Common Types of Adoption Scams

Out of the several methods embraced by the adoption scammers, here are a few common methods.

Deceptive Adoption Agencies Exploiting Finances

Cautionary Note Regarding Adoption Agency Fees

When you decide to work with an adoption agency, it’s common for them to request upfront payments for various purposes, such as supporting the birth mother or covering delivery expenses. However, it’s essential to be vigilant and avoid potential scams. Some fraudulent individuals may pose as reputable adoption agencies, targeting prospective parents or individuals interested in adoption.

They may employ deceitful tactics, such as making false claims about the baby’s health and family medical history, in an attempt to gain your trust. Then, they’ll demand advance payments, which they may misuse rather than using it for its intended purpose.

As a rule of thumb, any agency requesting an adoption fee exceeding 50,000 USD, which includes travel expenses, should be treated with suspicion. Ensure that you thoroughly research the legitimacy of the agency and request verifiable proof of the birth mother and baby before proceeding with any payments. Staying cautious can help protect you from falling victim to adoption scam.

False Birth Mother Deception

This type of adoption scam is prevalent and can involve scammers who may not even be pregnant. Sometimes, pregnant women or their acquaintances, in moments of uncertainty, engage with prospective adoptive parents and accept money from them. They repeat this process with multiple families, driven by greed to collect more funds. 

Eventually, the hopeful adoptive parents realize they have been scammed when the woman changes her mind about the adoption. In some cases, the women perpetrating these scams may not be pregnant at all; they merely feign pregnancy to deceive innocent parents or couples. Being aware of this scam can help protect prospective adoptive families from falling victim to such deception.

False Promises and Extra Fees

Parents seeking to adopt often have specific expectations concerning the baby’s age, race, and health. Unfortunately, some adoption agencies take advantage of these expectations to exploit hopeful adoptive parents. They make false promises of providing a baby that meets their desired criteria and then demand money under various pretexts related to the adoption process.

In some cases, these unscrupulous agencies may even ask for additional fees, claiming that it will speed up the adoption and get the baby to them faster. However, instead of fulfilling their commitments, they stall the adoptive parents, leading to disappointment and financial loss.

It is crucial for prospective adoptive parents to be cautious when dealing with adoption agencies and thoroughly research their reputation and track record to avoid falling victim to such scams.

How to Avoid Adoption Scams

  1. Demand Valid Proof: Always insist on valid proof of the baby’s existence before making any payments to adoption agencies.

  2. Avoid Direct Payments: Never give money directly to pregnant women. Instead, consider providing financial support for the facilities and services they require during pregnancy.

  3. Beware of False Promises: Be cautious of agencies that claim they can guarantee finding the baby you desire within a specific timeframe. Such claims are likely scams, as no agency can predict or manipulate the future.

  4. Prioritize Baby’s Health: Ensure the baby’s health by requesting their health records well in advance from the adoption agency before finalizing the adoption process.

By following these guidelines, prospective adoptive parents can protect themselves from potential adoption scam and make informed decisions during the adoption journey.

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