Investment Scams

The rising expenses increase the spectrum of people looking for ways to earn money. As people go on to find new ways to earn a little extra money, investment and trade were introduced to the market. This market, as of now, accounts for the most amount of money in this world with a net worth in trillions. 

However, with the success of investments come scammers and cybercriminals. Investment scams are one of the most popular kinds of scams.

Types of Investment scams

Cold calls remain the most common investment scam, targeting inexperienced or new traders. Scammers skillfully persuade these individuals to invest in fraudulent companies through convincing conversations. 

To enhance their credibility, scammers fabricate fake websites and may falsely claim to hold government-regulated licenses. Often, these scammers operate from overseas, making it challenging to trace their activities.

Another widely employed investment scam involves warning signs. Scammers lure potential victims via emails or enticing advertisements. When users click on provided links, they are directed to the scammer’s website, which may appear legitimate. Succumbing to the scammers’ tricks, innocent traders invest their hard-earned money, only to be deceived.

Additionally, the pump and dump scam targets people worldwide. Fraudsters entice traders into specific investments by artificially inflating prices. Subsequently, they sell their shares at the inflated price, leading to a sharp decline in stock prices. As a result, traders experience substantial financial losses.

Warning signs to look out for in Investment Scams

To shield yourself from investment scams, adhere to these important guidelines:

  1. Never entertain calls from unfamiliar numbers where the caller pressures you to invest in dubious schemes. Scammers often prolong such calls with different scenarios and excuses.

  2. Exercise caution when dealing with advertisements and emails promising risk-free investments or similar enticing offers.

  3. Verify any claims made by scammers about not needing a government-issued license or already possessing one by checking the regulator’s official website.

  4. Prioritize comprehensive research and read reviews before committing to any investment. This not only protects you from tricksters but also enhances your knowledge of investment opportunities.


What to do if you are stuck in an investment scam?

If you are or have been a victim of any kind of investment scam, you should not feel embarrassed or keep quiet about this. Scammers use psychological techniques to lure the traders into the trap and it happens to almost a hundred people every day. 

In the case of have been fallen into such a trap before, report it with us immediately. This will help us in getting back to you with the best possible remedy to get back your money.  A little caution can get you a long way in staying ahead of these investment scams!


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