Scams: How to protect Yourself and Get Money Back Scam review: Why You Should Avoid This Unregulated Broker for Investing Money

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Is a scam or a legit broker? Read Bigbtc-us Review


Bigbtc-us Scam is a suspicious broker that is not regulated by any authority. Let’s take a look at the issues with Trading.


As per Bigbtc-us website, it is located in an offshore region. We cannot find it in the database of FCA, FINMA, SEC, FMA, ASIC. So, we are sure it’s not a legit entity.

Trading Condition

Legitimate brokers offer various trading account types to meet investors’ requirements. These brokers share a piece of information about commissions, spreads, leverage, etc. But, we found no specific information about this broker trading conditions. The only information they share is about offering a real account.

Suspected scam activities that may do

Here are some potential justifications for why we classified this broker as a scam in this review.

  • Illegitimate Policies Defrauding Traders
  • Continuous Calls Urging Higher Investments
  • False Claims on Website
  • Unrealistic Promises
  • Hidden Risk Warnings
  • Operational Issues and Name/URL Changes
  • Potential Scam Havens
  • Illegitimate Withdrawal Rules

Caution: Beware of potential misleading claims and unauthentic reward, guideline, and withdrawal policies on this broker’s website. They may persistently pressure you to invest more for promising profits that sound too good to be true.

What should you do if you’ve been scammed?

Protect yourself from potential scammers aiming to defraud your hard-earned money through deceptive tactics. These fraudsters typically insist on payment or investments using cryptocurrencies or dubious online payment platforms, making refunds virtually impossible. Stay vigilant and informed to safeguard your finances from these fraudulent schemes.

Discover the truth about in this comprehensive review, exposing potential scam activities. If you’ve fallen victim to the scam, take action to reclaim your funds by reaching out to our specialized Report Scam team. Simply fill out the form above, and our experts will promptly contact you, guiding you through the process to seek justice. Furthermore, benefit from our free consultation service, where we educate and empower you with valuable insights on scammers and scams to protect yourself and others from falling into similar traps.

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